Cold and deadly as the steel he wields


Ro-Shek, 2nd level Half-Orc Warblade

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 6’ 2’’
Weight: 200 lbs

XP: 2090

Str: 19 (+ 4)
Dex: 13 (+ 1)
Con: 12 (+ 1)
Int: 15 (+ 2)
Wis: 10 (+ 0)
Cha: 10 (+ 0)

Hit Points: 19 (12 + 1, 5 + 1)

Speed: 30 (racial) 20 (actual)

Attack: + 7 Longsword (+ 2 BAB, + 4 Strength, + 1 weapon focus)
+ 8 Red Greatsword (+ 2 BAB, + 4 Strength, + 1 weapon focus, + 1 enchantment)

Damage: 1d8 + 4 (1d8 longsword, + 4 Strength), crit 19-20 x2
2d6 +5 (2d6 Greatsword, + 4 Strength, + 1 enchantment)

Feats: Weapon focus (longsword— may be altered w/Weapon Aptitude)

Skills: Concentration + 6 ( + 5 ranks, + 1 Con ), Intimidate + 6 ( + 4 ranks, + 2 racial, + 0 Cha ), Climb + 6 (+ 2 rank, + 4 Str), Perform (Windsinger) + 2 (+ 2 ranks, + 0 Cha), Jump +2 ( + 4 Str, + 2 ranks, – 4 Armor), Knowledge: History + 4 ( + 2 ranks, + 2 Int), Diplomacy + 3 ( + 3 ranks, + 0 Cha), Craft: Weaponsmithing + 5 ( + 3 ranks, + 2 Int), Spot + 2 ( 2 ranks ).

Armor Class: 17 (+ 4 Scale, + 2 Shield, + 1 Dex)
15 w / greatsword ( + 4 scale, + 1 Dex).

Class Features: Battle Clarity, Weapon Aptitude, Uncanny Dodge, proficient w/simple and martial melee weapons, proficient with light and medium armor.

Racial Traits: + 2 Intimidate, Orc Blood , Darkvision 60 ft.

Saving Throws: + 4 fortitude ( + 3 base, + 1 con), + 3 reflex ( + 2 battle clarity, + 1 Dex), +0 will.

4 Maneuvers Known:
Steely Strike (Iron heart, Standard action, 1 round duration): Gain +4 to an attack against a single foe. All other opponents gain a +4 bonus on attacks against Ro-Shek for the next round.

Moment of Perfect Mind (Diamond mind, Immediate action): When required to make a will save, make a concentration check instead.

Stone Bones (Stone dragon, standard action, 1 round duration): Make a melee attack. If it hits, gain damage reduction 5/adamantium for one round.

Steel Wind (Iron Heart, Standard Action): Make two melee attacks against two foes that Ro-Shek threatens.

3 Maneuvers Prepared:
Steely Strike, Moment of Perfect Mind, Stone Bones.

1 Stance Known:
Punishing Stance: While stance is active, -2 AC, +1d6 on all damage rolls.

Equipment: Scale Mail, Longsword, Heavy Wooden Shield, Battered Windsinger, Rope, Grappling Hook, Ancient Petran Buckler, Longspear, Waterlogged book bearing the word “Fear,” Red Greatsword of Visions.

Wealth: Full share in the Old Petras Bank score.


Hair: Black, shoulder-length. Heavy sideburns.
Skin: Flint-colored. Crimson tattoos wrap their way up his arms.
Eyes: His left eye is covered by a black cloth patch. His right is shrewd and penetrating. When he looks at you, you feel your mettle being measured.
Build: Tall and toned, like a climber’s. His frame does not carry a great deal of bulk, but you can tell it has been shaped through years of discipline into a weapon of power and precision.
Apparel: A simple, unadorned suit of scale that has been meticulously polished until it glitters and catches the light. He wears it like a second skin, as casually and comfortably as other men wear their tunics.

In casual conversation his speech is measured and his manner reserved, though he demonstrates occasional flashes of dry, understated humor. When swearing an oath his voice booms, as if he is speaking to the gods themselves. When delivering a threat or condemning a dishonorable act, he speaks in a cold, emotionless whisper, as if you and he are the only two people in the world. Though he seldom smiles, if you can get him talking about his homeland he will beam with pride. Draw him out on the topic and he will regale you with tales of how he journeyed with his father to Sada Pri to forge his first sword, how he alone among all his kin was chosen for the mines. He speaks of battles past and yet to come, and of the glory he will bring to his people upon his return. Ask him when he plans to travel back to Chanagara or what happened to his eye, though, and he falls silent. Abstemious in his personal habits, none have ever seen him take a drink to his lips or a companion to his bed. He will almost never refuse an offer of a job, no matter how dangerous, as long as it is accompanied with a promise of riches or combat with a worthy foe. Perhaps his most surprising trait is his love for music— especially mournful ballads of fallen heroes. He plays the Windsinger, an Orcish stringed instrument that produces rampant strains like a wild horse neighing or a breeze in the grasslands.

In battle, he moves with economy and precision, dispatching each foe through a combination of careful positioning, clever maneuvers and overwhelming might. He is just as much a tactician as a swordsman, and has been known to spend long nights poring over written accounts of the great wars and warriors of yore, hoping to learn the secrets of their triumphs and defeats.

Though still somewhat wary of his new comrades, he feels that they share a bond after the ordeal they endured together aboard Bolenna’s Bridegroom, one strong enough to cement through the swearing of a Chanagara blood-pact. He is eager to uncover the true identity of their captors— Ro-Shek owes the Red Fist a debt that can only be repaid in steel. In the course of unraveling this mystery, he came into possession of a powerful magical artifact— a blood-red greatsword from the bowels of an Old Petran ruin. True to Orcish tradition, Ro-Shek will not give the blade a name until he has used it to win a glorious victory, or at least a defeat worthy of song.


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