Setting Changes From Typical RPG Tropes

1. This is YOUR campaign. I built a box. Go play in it. You get to shape what’s going on. Want to kill and kill and kill? You can. Want to RP and never fight anything? We can do that too. Furthermore, since everyone steals IP, you may recognize a reference to something. Do NOT point it out out of character – playing off it IN character is worth XP.

2. I only invented MAJOR locations. Need a village for your character to come from? Make it up and tell me where on the map it is. I’ll edit the map and put it on.

3. I do not care about the world’s pantheon. If your character needs a god, make it up! (and then make a wiki page for it).
Just tell me you worship “X, god of Y” and anything else interesting about them. Also, the standard D&D pantheon is boring.

4. Fair warning: Being an Elf will severely limit your background. That goes for Halflings and Dwarves too. If you DO pick one of these races, you get some extra background info that only members of the society would know. This exists for everyone, but to a lesser degree.

5. Orcs are a viable option as a PC Race, because “We are Tolkien good guy races, killing Tolkien bad guy races” is boring. Both the Half-Orcs & Orcs have been changed from the SRD.

6. Magic is not particularly common among persons or events. If you’re a caster, and you decide to bedazzle/disintegrate everyone in the bar, just keep in mind – you’re going to stand out and draw attention. If you sit on the street corner using magic to help you con people with Find the Lady – not so much. Go read the the Guild of Mages entry. The purpose of this is not to make magic unplayable – its to make you think a bit before you say “I fireball the tavern.”

7. If you want to play a ranger, the Urban Ranger from Unearthed Arcana is acceptable. [HINT HINT] but the standard 3.5 Ranger won’t be nerfed by the setting or anything. (Whichever of those is better depends entirely on what you lot decide to do). You can try and persuade me about the Urban Druid, but it’s pretty stupid.

Setting Changes From Typical RPG Tropes

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