The Kamchak are the populace of the Tundra, which they call Yuko.

The Kamchak are divided into two main groups: the Esko and the Tato. However, the Kamchak groups are in communication and consider themselves related – they are mostly separated by geography.

The Kamchak are not homogenous, as there are both gnomish and human bands among both the Esko and Tato.

Each band speaks its own dialect of Kamchak, which is itself a linguistic mix of Common & Gnomish, intelligible to some extent to speakers of either language.

Esko: The Esko live primarily on the northern seacoast near Hansard. They are constantly skirmishing with Hansard adventurers, miners and trappers. Most conflict comes from the southern coastal islands, as the Esko move south in the winter and it brings them closer to Hansard.

Tato: The Tato are the western band of the Kamchak, with their lands bordering the Hanyara plains. Given their distance from both Hansard and the Chanagara, they are considerably more peaceful than the Esko.


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