Ryskov lies deep in the Waste at the end of the Glittering Road.

Populated by Dwarves, Ryskov dropped out of contact with most peoples after the destruction of Old Petras. During those years, the only contact was with the Nabatans, with whom the Ryskov dwarves do not get along.

Once Temuj braved the Waste and contacted the Dwarves, the trade in incense, sugar and especially gemstones was reopened along the Glittering Road. However, trade is conduced outside the gates of the city, and only with approved traders. Approval is regulated by the Society of Caravaneers in Petras. Even if one manages to reach Ryskov without the aid of the Caravaneers, arriving without them guarantees that the dwarves will refuse to trade.

The opening of the road has led some dwarves to set out to make their fortunes, but they normally go no further than Petras.


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