Somence, on the western shores of the Coral Sea serves as the breadbasket of the The Hansard League. The grasslands surrounding Somence are ideal for farming and herding. There are also large fish shoals surrounding the port.

Somence conducts land trade with both the Chanagara Orcs (in Tej) and the Halflings of the Guinapa Jungle (at Fort Moresby). However, “trade” with the Halfling normally occurs in the form of forced “civilization,” particularly towards children.

Government: Somence is unusual in that it is a democracy. However, the franchise is not universal, as there are residency, and more significantly, wealth requirements in order to vote. Consequently, the First Citizen is normally wealthy, and hails from one of only a few families. The majority of voters are human, but there are a number of orcs. Gnome voters are rare.

Products: Primarily agricultural, and any refined products generally stem from those available raw materials.

Population: Somence is mostly populated by humans. However, in recent times, a sizable population of Orcs and Half-Orcs has developed. There are also some “civilized” Halflings working as farmers, although they lack the franchise. There are some Gnomes in Somence, normally working in trade.


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