The Nabatans

The Nabatans are the Elvish nomads of The Waste. The Nabatans camp at oases deep in the Waste with their herds, emerging only to raid and pillage the caravans on the Glittering Road. Raiding parties vary in size, but emerge from the desert, wielding spear and bow, and vanish back into the desert quickly. Accounts agree that they never leave before setting some one or some thing of the caravan aflame.

Given the climate of the Waste, Nabatans wear light colored clothing in order to keep the sun off.

Any Nabatan who is cast out, is marked with a mystic tattoo over their heart and on their forehead. The tattoo appears to burn, and can be seen through almost any covering.

Little is known about the Nabatans, as those who enter into society at large refuse to discuss their society. City dwellers believe they are a tribal society, worshipping mysterious gods and with a hatred for everything.

The Nabatans

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