The Chaganara Orcs roam the Haryana Plains as nomads, following the wild herds. However, the Holy Mountain of Sada Pri serves as a meeting place for the various clans, and a de facto permanent settlement. However, as non-Chaganara are not permitted there, the main center of trade is the “city” of Tej.

Chaganara society is broken down by clan. Each clan roams the plains, following food. However, every Midsummer’s Night and Midwinter’s Eve, the clans gather at Sada Pri. There, the clans pay their respects to the Holy Mountain.

The bi-annual gatherings also serve as trade meets among the various clans and allow the clans to collect their allotments of iron, as the only iron deposits on the plains are at the mountain. Each clan sends members of the tribe to Sada Pri to work the mines, and each clan’s allotment reflects both the number of workers sent and the quality of their work. While unpleasant, arduous work, being sent to the mines is an indication that the Orc is being groomed for a position of leadership, as surviving the mines shows strength to one’s own tribe, while allowing that Orc to build relationships with those the other tribes are grooming for leadership.

The Chaganara understand that youths, particularly, are prone to wanderlust. A Chaganara who leaves his tribe in order to see more than the plains will be welcomed back with open arms, so long as he or she brings back a skill or knowledge from the wandering.


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