History: The current iteration of Petras is only a couple hundred years old. The first version of Petras was the first major city to emerge around the Coral Sea. The residents of Petras built the Glittering Road to Ryskov, so named for the flourishing trade in gemstones. The Glittering Road was lined with forts, keeping the Nabatan tribesmen of the Waste at bay. (Old) Petras was swamped and buried after a volcanic eruption and the subsequent tsunami approximately 500 years ago. The survivors left for the fledgling cities of Hansard and Somence bringing tales of the cursed city of Petras.

The cities of Hansard and Somence conducted a joint rebuilding project after Temuj, an Orcish adventurer from Somence, exploring the Waste rediscovered the Glittering Road to Ryskov. Returning to Somence, he was able to attract investors from the The Hansard League to build a camp on the ruins of the first city of Petras.

Led by Temuj, Petras was rebuilt and the Glittering Road to Ryskov was reopened. However, in the intervening 300 years, the Nabatan tribesmen had become significantly more active, and the route to Ryskov is dangerous, with Petras only able to maintain two forts along the road, with much effort. Furthermore, much of Old Petras remains buried under marshland or Petras itself.

The port of Petras is active, but only accessible through a narrow channel leading into the bay. The straits are guarded by forts, commanding the straits with siege engines. The bay itself is filled with reefs. Consequently, ships coming and going from Petras must be guided by a pilot. This has the bonus (as far as the government is concerned) of cutting down on smuggling.

The line of Temuj became the ruling house of the rebuilt Petras. However, as the House of Temuj has waned, two houses descended from Somencean families, the Capets and the Montags, play increasingly significant roles in the rule of Petras.

This instability at the higher administrative levels is reflected in the general condition of the society. The Petrane Guard is overworked, and struggles to keep order. Further, as various factions bribe lower level members of the guard as they seek influence, this has begun to pit districts of the Guard against each other, and creates unrest within the Guard Houses.

Population: Although Petras is ruled by Archduke Mong-Ket of the House of Temuj, , there are otherwise few Orcish persons in Petras, working mostly in the desert trade with Ryskov. Some Dwarves immigrated from Ryskov, and generally work in either the desert trade or the gemstone or mining industries. The rest of the population is comprised of enterprising Humans and Gnomes. What few Elves and Half-Elves there are eke out an unpleasant existence.

Geography: Petras is divided into administrative districts with one House of the Petrane Guard per district:


The High House of Temuj: Archduke Mong-Ket

  • Paruj
  • Merkut

The House of Capet: Leader: Prince Tybal

The House of Montag: Leader: Prince Avram

The House of Danmar: Leader: Prince Hamnet

The House of DeMona: Leader: Princess Emelia

The House of Falstar: Leader: Prince Jack


The Society of Caravaneers: The Rt.Hon. Warriv

The Society of Gemcutters: The Rt. Hon. Svaro

The Merchant House of Shylas: Leader: Dame Jessica, Btss.

The Merchant House of Khublan: Leader: Sir Kul-Ug, Bt.

The Merchant House of Polon: Leader: Sir Polon, Bt. newly given his Baronetcy



Temple Street:


  • The Cult of Arawn, Horned God – Unknown
  • The Credence of Laquatus – Dockside

Assassin’s Guild: Leader – Master Ford
Mage Guild – Leader – Master Palando
The Hall of Heroes – Leader – Master Bogs
The Brotherhood of Fishers: Leader – The Hon. Pontos
The Brotherhood of Stonecutters: Leader – The Hon. Homer
The Petrane Guard: Leader – Commander Samuel


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